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Our FAQs

1. WHERE do I call in an emergency when the reception is not occupied?

If it is an emergency where the police, fire brigade or medical help is required, please inform the authorities immediately. In the case of other emergencies, have a look at the "Welcome Letter" in your room or dial the emergency number on the main entrance door.

2. WHERE is the rooftop terrace?

When you enter the building through the main entrance, you will see stairs on your left hand side. You either walk to the top or take the elevator to the left of the stairs to the 5th floor and walk up the last two stairs to the roof terrace.

3. WHERE can I park my car?

Next to the building is a small space that illusively invites you to park. This property belongs to the city and we point out that parking there is at your own risk (and yes, cars are also towed here).If you need a safe place to park your car, we will be happy to rent you one of our underground parking spaces - subject to availability. Just let us know.

4. WHERE is the laundry room & how do the washing machines work?

The laundry room is located in the basement across from Apartment 02. All you need to do your laundry here is the WeWash app and your own detergent. Instructions can be found in your apartment or directly in the laundry room. A wash cycle costs € 3.00; you can also use the dryer for € 2.50. Laundry baskets and drying racks are available in the laundry room free of charge.

5. WHERE do I leave my bike?

You can park your bike in our bike storage. You can find this in the basement in the middle of the hallway - just pay attention to the signs.

6. WHERE do I dispose of my garbage?

The disposal room is located across from the bicycle storage.

7. HOW do I check into my apartment?

If you arrive outside the opening hours of our reception, you will receive an email from us on the day of arrival or, if necessary, one day in advance with your access data for the building and a description of the way to your apartment. Should you still have difficulties or questions, you can find our emergency number in your check-in email.

8. HOW do I check out?

So that you don't miss anything later, please check all drawers and cupboards before you move out. On the day of your departure, you can simply leave your keycard and mailbox key in the check-out box next to the main entrance door. See you soon!

9. HOW does the stove work?

In your apartment we provide an induction stove for you which can be used through the navigation field. The navigation field is controlled by your fingers. If the stove is on but you cannot turn the hotplates on, most probably the key lock is active. Press and hold the key button until you hear the beep to deactivate the key lock.

Only pans and pots that are compatible with induction cookers work on the stove. Check the cooking utensils you brought with you for compatibility before use.

10. HOW does the internet work?

Connect to the HUB GUEST network and accept the terms and conditions – now you can start surfing.

11. HOW do I pay for my apartment?

You pay for your apartment on arrival. If you check in outside of the opening times, your rent must be transferred in advance; otherwise we cannot guarantee your apartment. If you live with us for more than a month, you can of course pay your rent on a monthly basis, in person or by bank transfer.

12. WHEN is the reception open?

Since we rely on contactless communication due to the current global health situation, we will be on site less than usual. Of course, we are available for all matters - by email & phone.

Our reception is normally open Mon -Fri & Sun from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. And if nobody is there, send us an email to Do you have any questions regarding your reservation? Please contact us via

13. WHEN will my apartment be cleaned?

Your apartment will be cleaned weekly. In general, it will be cleaned on the day of the week on which you arrived. The weekly cleaning may be postponed by a day. You are also welcome to discuss this personally with the housekeeper.

14. WHAT should I do if I lost my keycard?

If you lost your KeyCard or forgot it in your apartment, please go to the entrance area and dial the number provided there. The ladies and gentlemen at this number will help you to get back into your apartment.

15. CAN I use Netflix on the TV?

Yes, you can use your Netflix account on our TVs. You can get the right cable for a stable internet connection from us at reception.


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